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We increase sales with the help of Internet marketing and provide up to 35 applications per day 2 weeks after the start of work!

We attract customers with the help of integrated marketing
with a guarantee of the result prescribed in the contract.



In-depth study of the company's business activities, which includes: marketing analysis of the company's product (goods, services), positioning among competitors, methods of attracting customers, customer satisfaction, internal organization of work processes, development prospects and other key aspects.

Marketing audit allows you to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, to identify opportunities for unlocking the potential and further development of the business in market conditions.

When is a marketing analysis of an enterprise necessary?
The company is stuck at a certain stage of development, there is no tendency to profit growth.
The company does not have a clear product: the range is constantly changing; some products are replaced by others.
A large flow of customers, but low conversion in sales.
Low demand for the company's product, an advantage among competitors.
Lack of a clear promotion strategy.
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Digital agency MARKETING 1.61 will undertake the construction of a sales department from scratch, selecting effective managers for you and creating effective motivation for them.

The package of services for building a sales department includes:
  • Hiring new employees based on their qualifications, work experience and personal qualities.
  • Development of a sales plan, control and motivation system.
  • Implementation of sales scripts.
  • Creating conditions for healthy competition between employees.

MARKETING 1.61 offers its customers automated sales funnels with which you can reduce the staff of the sales department and reduce the impact of the human factor on the marketing of products. An automatic sales funnel is an automated customer support system from the moment you get to know the company to the end of the shopping process.

A car sales funnel opens up a range of opportunities for an entrepreneur, for example:
  • Allows you to increase the average bill.
  • It contributes to an increase in LTV (period of active cooperation between the client and the company).
  • It eliminates the human factor and automates routine processes.
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We automate the repetitive processes of your business, introduce control over tasks and reporting using the Bitrix24 cloud system.

The scope of work includes tuning the system, training employees, providing technical support after the system is launched.

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The experts of the Internet marketing agency will develop a turnkey selling landing page for you. With a high-quality website, any campaign to attract customers to the network for business begins.

The marketing site from MARKETING 1.61 is:
  • Building and implementing an individual marketing strategy for the site.
  • Catching headlines and selling texts written in an accessible language.
  • Unique design, special attention to site usability.
  • Create responsive design for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Connection of analytical services.
  • High page loading speed.
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Our marketing agency will take care of the reputation and promotion of your brand, building trust and a positive attitude from customers.

The strategy of reputation management includes the development of the logo and corporate identity of the company, positioning, rules of interaction with the target audience and other areas of activity.

The result of work in the direction of e-branding is:
Creating a positive image of the company, broadcasting its core values.
Trust in the company, its product from potential customers.
Strong emotional connection between the company and representatives of the Target audience.
Creating effective communication with the consumer.
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Specialists of a marketing agency in Zhytomyr MARKETING 1.61 will help to adequately present your business through the development of a marketing kit.

Work on the product occurs in the following sequence:
  • prototype development,
  • creating concise and catchy text,
  • corporate identity design,
  • selection of illustrative material,
  • implementation of the finished project.
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Keep the interest of your customer base from the moment you get to know your company through email marketing We will develop for you texts of letters that will be of interest to your target audience.

Digital agency of Zhytomyr MARKETING 1.61 in a short time implements automatic mailing of letters that will not fall into the spam folder. Use an effective automatic tool to increase sales - email marketing.

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A selling text that is easily perceived and catches the reader is necessary not only for creating a landing page, but also in commercial offers, when creating a marketing kit, online advertisements and more.

Our copywriters will develop persuasive texts based on the avatar of your target audience, which will increase the conversion of the site and lead to increased sales.

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To promote a business on the network, namely, to attract customers, our specialists will be engaged in building an advertising campaign in search engines.

Contextual advertising will be implemented with maximum benefit within a certain budget. Contextual advertising is carried out considering the characteristics of each of the search engines involved.

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Internet Marketing Agency in Zhytomyr MARKETING 1.61 will bring your business to the social networks in which your target audience is concentrated. Specialists in social media promotion will set up targeted advertising with maximum performance indicators.

SMM strategy includes:
  • creating a content plan for conducting groups,
  • negative tracking,
  • work with opinion leaders,
  • holding contests and other events for active interaction with the audience.
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Of course, YouTube is the most popular and effective platform for promoting video. In fact, it combines the usual television and social network. Its audience is millions of users, and every day it grows with incredible speed.

The result of promoting your videos on YouTube is the launch of your video content, which increases the number of interested customers and also increases their confidence in your product and brand.

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For those who want to increase profits and take the business to the next level.
For those who do not want to drain the advertising budget on ineffective campaigns.
For those who want to automate the routine processes in business.
For those who want to attract a large flow of customers to their business.
For those who want to improve their product and properly position it among competitors.


Extensive experience, the use of modern marketing technologies.
Automation of standard processes of any business.
An integrated approach to solving marketing problems, turnkey work.
Cooperation with individuals and commercial organizations in Ukraine and the CIS countries.
We give a legal guarantee of the result in the form of a calculated number of leads.


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