• Working time

    +3 years, ongoing

  • Montly budget

    from $1500

  • Average customer bill

    $3000 - $4000

  • Sales per month


  • ROAS

    from $1500

About the project

All kitchen furniture is made from materials produced in Germany and Austria, which are environmentally friendly and completely safe for people's health and the environment. You can verify this by checking the quality certificates that accompany all our products.

Furniture from Radolad is equipped with hardware from well-known manufacturers such as Blum and Hettich.

We care about the quality of your life and create daily personal comfort that will make you happier and more joyful.

What did we do?

Our client from the business sector approached us with a request to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for their company. We executed several stages to help increase their revenue and market positioning.

Initially, we developed and launched their website with user-friendly navigation and a simple interface. The next stage was the integration of telephony, which facilitated fast and efficient communication with clients.

We also created and styled an active social media presence for the client, which allowed them to expand their audience and attract new customers.

Furthermore, we set up targeted advertising, which helped to reach the intended audience and increase the conversion rate. As a result of our work, the average customer check grew to 1,000,000 UAH, and we received 105 applications worth $3 from potential clients.

Currently, we have been successfully collaborating with this client for five months and continue to develop their business, increasing their revenue and reputation in the market.